Mental health 

At TRE® Therapy Austin, mental health isn’t a thing you have or don’t have — it is a way of life. 

Sometimes that life will challenge our best efforts, try to sabotage ideals, beliefs or values.

It might stand directly in front of us demanding that we make ourselves known.

It can open the drawer of all our emotions or lock it up to keep them out of reach.

It will wait. It will push. It will try to make us believe things that aren’t true.

It may begin to seep into our relationships, our bodies & what we do. But, it’s trying to help. So, it will do what it can.

Here is where you have —

A choice to recognize. A choice to invest time & resources. A choice to ask for guidance.

Because you’re worth it. 

TRE® Therapy Austin values you.

Book a consultation. 

Let’s talk about mental health & your life.