Have you already explored the therapy bundles page? Not quite ready to bundle up your therapy?

I offer the traditional therapy structure which includes your own secure client portal, super bill & invoice delivery for insurance reimbursement.

Clients partner with me in-person at my Westlake office, or virtually via secure telemedicine (Texas residents only).


  • processing grief & loss

  • relieving the mental & emotional effects of chronic stress & illness

  • healing from chaotic energy states (anxiety & depression)

  • nourishing from emotional addiction (fear, anger, sadness)

  • building self esteem & self worth

  • creating authentic & nourishing lifestyles (LBGTQIA+)

  • shifting unhelpful habits & personality traits (people pleasing & perfectionism)

  • releasing attachment trauma & relearning prevention skills

  • improving lifestyles & relationships for the Highly Sensitive Person

  • building relationship communication & intimacy

  • navigating life with chronic & autoimmune illness


Initial session fee:

Includes wellness assessment & personalized healing plan.

80 minutes $220

Additional sessions fee:

50 minutes $150

80 minutes $220

110 minutes $275

What to expect from your phone consultation

During your consultation we will explore your therapeutic needs & goals.

By the end of your call you will have clarity about how to move forward even if we choose not to work together at this time. Call lasts approximately 30 minutes. There is no fee for consultation.

Begin today.