formal education

Undergraduate & graduate level course work earned through St. Edward’s University of Austin, Texas. Years attended — 2008-2013.

2009 BA Psychology, minor in Philosophy

2013 MA of Counseling Psychology

Coursework completed for specialization in open systems integration, trauma recovery & mindfulness.

Licensing & certifications

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT #TX202237

  • Internationally Certified TRE® Provider

  • Level II Gottman Therapist &

    Couples Assessment

  • Level I Emotional Transformation Therapy ETT®


Intuitive learning

Books are life. Even though I prefer the smell of the pages & the feeling of a spine opening with wisdom, these days I listen to books via scribd. My interests include studying Dr. Joe Dispenza & the stylistic, herbal healing ways of April Graham. This spring I have devoted to learning about Cleavers; a native North American ally that supports adrenal function. When stress & hormones rise, she can be made into tinctures, salves & even vegan pesto & though ingestion, helps clear the adrenal ducts.

sprouting Whats next

Passion explodes inside of me for helping the world honor mental health in gentle, fun, creative & innovative ways. Currently, I have the honor & privilege of working alongside some amazing healers & thought leaders. Arranging ourselves together to create a new system that upholds the bottom up philosophy, we are doctors, therapists, seekers & innovators. More about our developments as they unfold into plentiful offerings for you & for all.