I believe that the most important person in your life is you.

Functional medicine means we look for the root to find your answers — practical application of unique to you care practices are something words can’t describe. When change begins to happen, the experience feels amazing.

After 30+ years of existing with stress related illness (T1D) & it’s rainfall of complications, working professionally in the medical model as a young woman & after being trained & licensed traditionally in counseling psychology in 2013, I have arrived today to meet the evolving needs of mental health everywhere with a universally human, scientifically functional & holistic approach. Through my own multidimensional healing & with years of direct client feedback I’ve witnessed the evolution of people becoming fully function healers. Ah-mazing!

What you can expect working with me is a slow moving atmosphere that allows you to unfold, unwind & get some space to breathe deeply & be. Together we will engage in subtle levels of conversation, asking questions that when answered by mind or body — all continue to build on your mental wellbeing.

Some aspects of healing can feel painful some joyful. It’s all part of this dynamic process.

I’m here to support & encourage as you become your own (r)evolutionary functional healer.

The quality of your process restores & evolves the most powerful relationship ever — the relationship with your core self.

The therapy I offer embodies these principles:

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Working with me

Working with me can feel like working with a gentle & compassionate friend. Sometimes I’ll resemble a mirror so you can see yourself more clearly. I’ll go with you to the core of an issue to help you gather, reflect on or let go of what’s necessary. Together, we will honor the movement needed for healing & growth — with the help of mindfulness, kind humor & curiosity.

Together, we will invite you to witness & participate in accessing the core aspects of you that seek to be nourished, seen & attended to. For many — this becomes a sacred return to source energy.