hello & welcome i am andrea rábago

Over several years I have worked with many wonderful people as they navigate their circumstances. Integration is my specialty & a big passion of mine is supporting people to refine their unique ability to process events & be in the flow of life through lifestyles & practices that optimize integration— also known in relationship neuroscience as the heart of wellbeing. I tend to partner most often with cis males seeking emotional safety & mastery, caregivers, service industry personnel & entrepreneurs facing or experiencing burnout from extreme highs & lows & Highly Sensitive People as they navigate the sensory rich experience of their internal & external world & relationships.

Several domains of science, mysticism & eastern cultures accept the natural benefits of energy balancing for integrative wellbeing. By striking a personal balance between movement & stillness we can integrate a lived experience feeling a little more relaxed, flexible & grounded every day. We can make decisions & actions with esteem & confidence. We can take time to be with ourselves to restore & reflect. We can connect with others openly. We can push our boundaries, bring ideas to life & test limits & then — retreat to heal & again & again.

Often times, we tend to go at issues or desirable outcomes with heart pumping tension, gritted teeth & a resistant attitude that “this is going to be a lot of work”. It could be but…

I’m here to share how doing less can get you more of what you want. By working with me, you’ll get to experience why that is.

The therapy I offer is grounded by these principles:

  • People are naturally creative, resourceful & whole.

  • Mindful movement & core vibration is a natural medicine.

  • Focus attention & intention on the whole person.

  • Relationship communication & patterns are primarily nonverbal & subconscious.

  • Support sustainable, desirable transformation & evolution.

Working with me

Working with me can feel like working with a gentle but firm & compassionate friend. Sometimes I’ll resemble a mirror so you can experience yourself more clearly. I’ll go with you to the core of an issue to help you gather, reflect on or let go of what’s necessary. Together, we will honor the process of your healing & growth.

We will invite you to witness & participate in accessing the core aspects that seek to be nourished, seen & attended to. For many — this becomes a sacred return to source energy.

I look forward to hearing from you.