What I want for my clients is what I want for my friends, my family & you.

A mental health professional who listens & addresses me in a direct (no BS), kind (sometimes humorous) & always a compassionate manner.

I want a practitioner who seeks to find the root causes of my distress when the path feels unclear.

I want awareness about the most advanced holistic & natural therapies that are available today.

I want a practitioner who shares practical knowledge about our ability to heal, protect & prevent disease.

I want an ally who collaborates with me to achieve & maintain my greatest health & healing potentials.

what is therapy like with me?

Working with me feels like working with a close friend. One who will be direct & kind. One who listens, guides & will lean into unfamiliar spaces & be with you for whatever shows up. I am imperfect, make mistakes & so I will also make repairs.

Sometimes I’ll resemble a mirror so you can see yourself more clearly. Sometimes you’ll be challenged & may experience new emotional states or perspectives. Together, we will invite you to witness & participate in accessing the aspects of you that seek to be nourished, seen & attended to.

I believe in stillness & space to pause & wonder. Gentle inquiry can open channels to new worlds. My jobs is to help you thrive.

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I grew up on a ranch in a small hill country community of Texas. I’m excited about herbalism — creating healing food recipes, tinctures, oils & salves from the land. I grow microgreens. I nourish myself & live in harmony (on most days) with diabetes (T1D). This healing journey has been a little scary, awakening & relieving all at once. I’m here for you now.

I have a really goofy, humorous side & when I’m feeling extra passionate, a four letter word might hop out. I believe mental & emotional expansion are the essential freedoms of being alive. Cheers, y’all.