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Hello there—

I’d like to welcome you. To slow down with me. Let’s just breathe for a second. Feel the air on your face. Hi! There you are. You’re doing so much for the sake of your relationships & your world in general. Relaxing sounds heavenly. Oftentimes it feels like you’re spinning in circles— feeling both physically exhausted & amped up at the same time. Your emotions can surface quickly, yet you also know how to push them back into their place. Negative interactions can leave you feeling distressed for a long time, so you can end up doing & thinking things that make the situation feel even bigger. You said you’d stop taking it all on. You’re frustrated. You’re super smart at knowing exactly what’s going on, so deciding to find a therapeutic ally is where you’re at right now.

Let’s slow down & gently look at this together. My name is Andrea. To many I am known as ‘Dre’. I’m here to help people become skilled at many things & using the stills they already have. If you’d like to heal physical tissues, mental thinking & focus emotional energy to give way to lived experiences, creative adventures & relationships that simply feel better, you’re opportunity is right here.

I am a fully licensed mental health therapist offering several therapy services based in Austin, Texas & remotely throughout the lone star state. I am internationally certified to facilitate Tension, Stress & Trauma Release (TRE®) a natural healing skill of the body. I serve a wide range of adults including Highly Sensitive People who when feeling burnout & overwhelm will experience affects on their physical health, self esteem, their view of the world & how they relate to people. I offer this gentle process for all people to explore & inhabit their body, feel their aliveness & connect with self & others. Please take a look around my site. If you’re feeling positively about what you’re reading, I encourage you to book a consultation call with me soon.

It feels good to be me. What I connected with through my specific experience continues to be a positive influence on my life & relationships. It’s just that simple.
— Former client
I now have practical & relatable understanding about what trauma is & isn’t. I am able to take care of myself & provide my family with a healthier life experience.
— TRE® group participant
Andrea has a thoughtful & inspiring style. Everyone I send her way says that working with her is the most liberating & unique therapy expereince they’ve ever had.
— Affiliate

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You have several options at TRE® Therapy Austin. I offer a detailed phone consultation to help us decide if I’m the premium practitioner for you.