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In 2013 I began practicing mental health professionally. Through the life sciences, we are fortunate to have reliable information about how nourishing our mental & emotional wellbeing gives vitality & longevity to our lives & relationships. The nature of this work can be most effective, enjoyable & fruitful with an expert guide.

As a fully licensed & trauma informed mental health professional, I compassionately attend to helping you heal any emotional energy wounds (ongoing childhood stress & trauma) while personalizing practices that help you get the most out of your adult life & relationships.

I offer a simple you a simple way to naturally detox from emotional addiction & dependencies so you can feel restored & renewed. Therapy & personal development sessions are offered one at a time & also in value bundles. I also offer a variety of programs that support biological & emotional needs through the seasons. Check back in to see what’s new.

Please take a look at my offerings. You may already be feeling a bit intrigued & curious about the many benefits that await you, so I encourage you to book a consultation call with me soon.

ANDREA RABAGO LMFT, Certified TRE® Provider


What people are saying…

I feel so good. What I gained throughout my therapy process really influences how I carry on my life & relationships. Thank you!
— Former client
Knowing that I can prevent the effects of trauma is empowering. I am able to better care for myself & provide a healthier experience for my family.
— TRE® group participant
Andrea has an engaging & inspiring style. The people I send her way say that exploring with her has been a liberating & unique expereince.
— Affiliate

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Book a consultation & together we will talk about what’s next for you. This is such an informative, inspirational & impactful process. I am excited about sharing more with you soon.

The soil of your subsonscious mind is your mental garden.
— Marilyn Jenett
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