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You’ve likely found my website because AHHH LIFE! — an empathic, sensitive & creative person who’s feeling the link between emotions, health & putting forth your all. Finding natural ways to care for yourself & feel comfort in your relationships is important to you. You might be unsure of what you are hunting for but definitely know that you want to experience a healthier adult life. Whatever is happening, together we can do this. As you explore the relationship you have with yourself & others, I 'd like to be the guide who helps you access your natural healing & creative flow states to expand your bandwidth for mental flexibility & a life of resilience.

My name is Andrea. I am a licensed therapist since 2013 & offer individual therapy in Central Austin, Texas. I am certified to provide Tension, Stress & Trauma Release (TRE®) & Emotional Transformation Therapy ETT, interventions commonly used to address & prevent trauma & spark new growth. My approach to your process blends conversation, movement & therapeutic humor, centers in emotionally, understands the biology of human experience & is grounded by Positive Psychology, Gottman relationship & attachment neuroscience.

My specialty is working with Highly Sensitive People & adults who when feeling overwhelmed & misunderstood experience its affects on their esteem, view of the world & how they relate to others. I enjoy helping people safely, lovingly & gently return to their body after stressful, triggering & terrifying experiences, individuals who tend to please or perfect for others at the expense of themselves & also entrepreneurs & creative professionals access consistent flow & peak performance states.


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You have several options at TRE® Therapy Austin. I offer a detailed consultation to help you decide if I'm the premium practitioner for you. BOOK A PHONE CONSULTATION HERE.