If you are seeking a simple, effects way towards greater mental wellbeing & holistic health—

welcome— you’ve arrived at the right place

For the wounded, the sensitive, the stressed, the oppressed, the creative, the conflicted, the courageous, the hopeful — the warriors.

Welcome to TRE® Therapy Austin

TRE® Therapy Austin offers a holistic & personalized approach for your mental health, physical wellbeing & relationship needs by blending somatic & trauma informed therapy styles with mental health methods to expand on your inner strengths & natural abilities. TTA values & serves the neuro-diversity of all people with additional certified specialization for Highly Sensitive People & Empaths.


specialized for

  • Clearing anxiety/depression

  • Developing intuitive skills

  • Resolving agitation & anger

  • Thriving on the Autism Spectrum

  • Career counseling & resume creation

  • Authentic relating, emotional safety & intimacy

  • Exploring sexual & relationship orientation

  • Alleviating chronic stress & autoimmune symptoms

  • Conflict resolution & communication skills

  • Releasing & preventing trauma & C-PTSD

  • Shifting perfectionism/people pleasing behavior

  • Discovering emotional connection

  • Enhancing esteem, confidence & trust

  • Creating restful sleep & intentional restoration 

  • Navigating sensitivity (HSP) & overwhelm


This practice honors simplicity & is universal to all people.

Hello & welcome. I’m Andrea.

Clients work with me to get mentally unstuck, move through what’s necessary — to end up finding their answer(s) & oftentimes tap into complete awe & wonderment along the way.

People who have experienced some form of trauma & or who experience natural heightened sensitivities (HSP & Empaths) are central to my practice. I hold space for all kinds of people. All are welcome. Science verifies that small daily stressors deeply affect & can “traumatize” our brain, biosystems, cycles & rhythms. We all can do things — simple things to live fully in the here & now, to restore from the past & be more resilient in for what’s next.

As a guide who is familiar with human energy forces & mental landscapes, I am grateful to be a your companion & positive reinforcer. I believe nourishing & grounding humor helps us be our best therapeutic antidote. Believing movement is medicine, we will create a simple framework of somatic & cognitive therapies that work for you.

As a warrior in the rawest sense of the word, I approach you with a strong tender heart, experienced at guiding while you set the course & pace for your healing & evolution. 

Andrea Rábago, Licensed MFT, Internationally Certified TRE® Provider ETT® Emotional Transformation Therapy & Gottman Certified

Andrea Rábago, Licensed MFT, Internationally Certified TRE® Provider ETT® Emotional Transformation Therapy & Gottman Certified


timing & investment

Individual Sessions (in office or remote)

30 min — $80

50 min — $150

80 min — $220

110 min — $275


What’s next



Is TRE® Therapy Austin like traditional mental health therapy?  

Yes & no. Traditional mental health therapy tends to begin from the “top down”—beginning with talking about problems or concerns. At TRE® Therapy Austin, healing attention is given first to the body & subconscious. Going from the “bottom up” we often soothe the the literal neurological roots of an issue. Because of this, several issues can begin to gently dissolve at once to give way to seeing thing — differently. Simple. This makes valuable use of time/resources as well. During the refining process of your therapy, we can definitely dip into & utilize the more traditional cognitive methods mental health therapy is known for.

Do you accept insurance?

Most insurances do not adequately cover the specialized & advanced services at TRE® Therapy Austin, so I choose to partner directly with you rather than work for the them. A reimbursement form can be filled out & submitted with superbill to receive any out-of-network benefits you may have.

Better is an app that files out of network claims on your behalf. Learn more about Better.

How many sessions will I need? 

Because healing & growth work is a dynamic process, my aim is to help simplify & refine your healing time. The severity, duration & intensity of a condition & the health of your body are important factors. You can choose to assist the process by following recommendations including: nutrition & hydration, movement, rest & other relevant ideas that we will look at together.

Most clients schedule when they are first noticing an issue, immediately prior to or after an emotionally stressful/overwhelming event, or on a regular 4-6 week schedule as a supporting factor for their mental health, wellness practice or holistic lifestyle.


what people are saying

I feel good. This therapy helped me see life in a whole new light. Thank you.
— happy client
Shaking & tremoring is a gift. I get it now. All those years of feeling something was wrong with me are long gone.
— TRE® group participant
Andrea is a passionate & inspiring soul. The people I send say that working with her is liberating & fun.
— trusted affiliate