Integration with TRE® & Mikal Vega

Mikal Vega is a retired Nay Seal. After returning from service, he was placed on a variety of pharmaceuticals. Experiencing negative side effects, he went on a new mission to find another way.

He found one. After experiencing several natural healing modalities he created Vital Warrior.

With a focus to help veterans fully recover from combat stress, his community has discovered & stated “that hurtful experiences, stress & tension are part of everyone’s life & we often do not realize how these experiences are etched deep in the mind & body.”

Mikal encourages that everyone try TRE® as a daily & preventative measure for mental health & wellbeing.

Mikal working with Dave Berceli — creator of TRE®.

Mikal Vega created Vital Warrior — a non drug solution for vetrans that includes TRE®


Tension & Trauma Releasing exercises were originally developed to address the impacts of traumatic experiences on the body; however, we have come to learn that TRE benefits all people & can be applied to several therapeutic experiences to enhance & catalyze healing & growth.

shaking it off like our four legged friends do


SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATED, preventative & holistic

It’s time to shake y’all. It’s that simple. Vibration helps us be healthy, harmonious & calm.

Essentially humans are densely made-up of several hundreds & thousands of layers of vibrations. We are vibrators! When we can allow stress energy (which is really strong & powerful) through our bodies instead of armoring around it or tensing up, we can stay healthy & prevent disease.

In the video below Kalinda Kano & one of my favorite TRE® mentors, Bonnie Praiser of Yoga Loka talk about & demonstrate the tremor mechanism that ALL people are capable of accessing.

Trauma & tension releasing exercise does what it says as well as


The second video helps to demonstrate the reference Bonnie makes to animals in the wild. Animals do not experience trauma. It is believed that because they shake it off, their body restores vibrational harmony & essentially resets or returns to homeostasis.

Children are very familiar with their shake. In traditional systems we have learned to stop our shake. It’s time to model that #strengthshakes & keeps us healthy & feeling good.

There are many ways to describe shaking & why it’s important to do. I love Bonnie’s reference to taking water out of a glass. It’s beautiful & simple.

Enjoy the videos & comment below. I’ll do my best to answer your questions & provide resources.

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Martha Beck, Oprah & TRE®




I was taken aback this week. In asking a new client how she had found me (a common question of mental health practitioners). While holding up some papers she said, “Oprah sent me.”

She handed me a copy of the Oprah Mag May 2019 article with Author & life coach, Martha Beck (pg. 76).

In the article Beck explains to her client that to prevent the symptoms of post traumatic stress, its very helpful for the body to shake & tremble. She goes on to explain how the mechanism works in animals as well as humans & that humans often get stuck in the freeze response. We do this by resisting the shake & emotions. Beck called this “armoring”.

She suggested to her client to find a TRE® group, community or provider & also trying it at home. The article closes with Beck reminding the client to shake, shake, shake. It’s the key to the kingdom, as you will see.

Shaking, trembling & vibrating the body is a powerful healing skill that we all possess. It can be used to recover from a traumatic event & to help maintain healthy energy patterns & more.

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