Why TRE® Therapy austin?

Because you deserve to experience the best in integrative health care.

Integration is viewed as the core mechanism in the cultivation of well-being.

Would you like to change your mind, see things differently, or solve an ongoing issue with a loved one or within yourself? This is your opportunity to do just that & more.

In fact, you are already equipped with what you need.

Often times we may feel restricted by beliefs due the conditioning from old thought systems & narratives that favor “keeping it together” in order to be strong & in control.

Einstein once bravely stated that “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

My mission is to assist people as they reconnect with their core self so they can enhance integrative function to effectively & intentionally evolve their mind, their relationships & their world.

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Dr. David Berceli, PhD created TRE® to safely explore your core self. TRE® activates a natural neurological vibration of the poses muscle — a process very similar to how animals naturally regulate stress & prevent trauma in the wild.

TRE® is a combination of 7 simple movements that help release emotional energies caused by prolonged positive & negative stressful or overwhelming & traumatic experiences.

When practiced daily, TRE® relaxes your body & opens the mind for a calmer & clearer perspective about things — a skill that will help you have greater mental flexibility, empathy, logic, compassion, compromise & creative solutions. Can you imagine how this will help you in your relationships or even a creative project?

Because TRE® is based on core physiological responses shared by all human beings, TRE® opens an intrinsic & universal communication between people & grounds us to experience a natural sense of intimacy. This creates more helpful, gentle & peaceful interactions that connect us beyond words. Many may call this telepathy or extrasensory perception.

Would you also like to liberate yourself from any kind of pattern that doesn’t feel good or causes you to suffer? Everything — from nervous ticks to negative self talk can be addressed.

If you’ve been challenged with thoughts & feelings of being stuck, overwhelmed, to the point of burnout, indecisiveness, interpersonal conflict or a hopeless attitude & want to begin to experience relief, I’d like you to consider trying this style of therapy for just one single session.

We will work at your pace & address your concerns one at a time. Many clients discover that talking about things during or after doing TRE® helps them better process through stuck issues & emotions. People who practice together in groups tend to feel a springboard of organizing momentum & a collective shift in their attitude, consciousness & relational behavior.

“All humans have an innate capacity to heal from traumatic [& stressful] experiences. We as a species are genetically encoded with the capacity to heal ourselves. If we did not possess this ability, our species would have become extinct shortly after we were born. Not only can we heal from traumatic experiences, but trauma itself has been part of the natural evolutionary process of our species & all individuals have access to this natural healing method
that is genetically encoded within them.”
— David Berceli, Trauma Releasing Exercises

benefits with tre® Therapy Austin

better or greater

  • sleep patterns & rest

  • mind body connection

  • mental & physical flexibility

  • energy & endurance

  • emotional resiliency

  • clarity & intuition

  • relationship satisfaction

lessened or reduced

  • interpersonal conflict & distress

  • symptoms of PTSD (anxiety, depression, irritability, physical tension)

  • symptoms of vicarious trauma

  • muscle & back pain

  • angst, worry, irritability & anxiety

  • fatigue, depression & moodiness

“TRE® integrates well with traditional therapeutic modalities because it supports healing at the deepest biological levels of the neuro-physiology, where traumatic fear responses originate.” — Dave Berceli
— www.traumaprevention.com

TRE® Therapy Austin

This core practice & can become the catalyst for your mind, body & soul. Let’s talk today about what working together looks like & how this style of therapeutic exploration can benefit you.