natural simple core self care

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Dr. David Berceli, PhD created a simple way to safely explore, study & reconnect with a natural ability that is shared by all humans. He named it Tension Releasing Exercise TRE®.

TRE® is a science based technique —a combination of 7 simple movements that illicit a core vibration that helps to restore mind & body. 

This practice demonstrates a shared nonverbal communication between all human beings— a way for all of us to arrive together at feelings & sensations of peace, calm & deeply felt connectedness. 

If you’ve been challenged with unhealthy thoughts & feelings & want to begin to experience relief — consider a individual or group session.

People who also practice together in groups tend to experience a unified springboard of organizing momentum & a collective shift in their attitude, consciousness & relational behavior.


lessened or reduced

interpersonal conflict & distress

symptoms of PTSD (anxiety, depression, irritability, physical tension)

symptoms of vicarious trauma

muscle & back pain

angst, worry, irritability & anxiety

fatigue, depression & moodiness

better or greater

sleep patterns & rest

mind body connection

mental & physical flexibility

energy & endurance

emotional resiliency

clarity & intuition

relationship satisfaction