This site is dedicated to Highly Sensitive People, adults & adolescents who are embracing a proactive path of wellbeing & health. I offer innovative & evidence based therapy services to help the evolution of mental & emotional skill called for throughout the natural seasons & unexpected situations of our life cycle.

Providing a healthful, nourishing atmosphere to engage in both brief & extended therapeutic care is what I do. It is important to build relationships for all to safely explore their mind, body & relationships, to feel aliveness & connect through curiosity, openness & mindfulness.

For established clients, I offer relationship & family lineage work — helping members connect as they heal deeply & grow secure bonds.

My mission is for you to have space where deep neurological healing & growth can be felt. All people are welcome. All questions & concerns will be handled with care & compassion with intention to empower you.

Andrea Rábago LMFT, Certified TRE® Provider