Clients partner with me in-person at my Westlake office, or virtually via secure telemedicine (Texas residents only). I can also travel to your residence or office space. Let’s talk about your needs.

My aim is to make each session impactful, meaningful & empowering.

Most clients schedule when they

  • are first noticing an issue & are ready to take action

  • immediately prior to or after an emotionally stressful/overwhelming event

  • on a regular 4-6 week schedule as a supporting factor for their mental health, wellness lifestyle.

most visited themes & topics

  • creating restful sleep patterns & intentional restoration

  • processing grief & loss, existential & emotional crisis

  • relieving the mental & emotional effects of ongoing stress & post traumatic stress

  • relieving marital crisis with or without co morbidity (addiction/infidelity)

  • releasing & preventing trauma

  • healing from chaotic energy states (anxiety & depression)

  • resolving & nourishing emotional needs

  • enhancing emotional connection, vulnerability & intimacy

  • optimizing lifestyle & practices for peak performance

  • enhancing self esteem, worth & trust

  • creating authentic & nourishing lifestyles

  • exploring sexual expression & relationship orientations (LBGTQIA+)

  • shifting boundaries, habits & personality traits (people pleasing & perfectionism)

  • facing the shadow (Jungian shadow work)

  • releasing attachment trauma & learning prevention skills

  • enhancing lifestyles & relationships for the Highly Sensitive Person

  • navigating sensitivity (HSP) & sensory skills

  • building healthy relationship communication, emotional safety & intimacy

  • developing greater perspective taking & communication skills

  • navigating life with chronic & autoimmune illness

  • stabilizing energy needs & moods 

  • developing intuitive skills & 6th sense

  • deepening spiritual connection

  • alleviating & or being with stress related illness & autoimmune symptoms

What to expect from your phone consultation

This is a zero pressure conversation about you.

I aim for you to have clarity about what’s next & how to move forward even if we choose not to work together at this time.

Call lasts approximately 30 minutes. There is no fee for this consultation. Let’s talk about your goals.