Integration with TRE® & Mikal Vega

Mikal Vega is a retired Nay Seal. After returning from service, he was placed on a variety of pharmaceuticals. Experiencing negative side effects, he went on a new mission to find another way.

He found one. After experiencing several natural healing modalities he created Vital Warrior.

With a focus to help veterans fully recover from combat stress, his community has discovered & stated “that hurtful experiences, stress & tension are part of everyone’s life & we often do not realize how these experiences are etched deep in the mind & body.”

Mikal encourages that everyone try TRE® as a daily & preventative measure for mental health & wellbeing.

Mikal working with Dave Berceli — creator of TRE®.

Mikal Vega created Vital Warrior — a non drug solution for vetrans that includes TRE®


Tension & Trauma Releasing exercises were originally developed to address the impacts of traumatic experiences on the body; however, we have come to learn that TRE benefits all people & can be applied to several therapeutic experiences to enhance & catalyze healing & growth.