bundle (N). — a package of things wrapped together.

Bundles create a therapy structure where freedom, choice & value come together. 

Every bundle includes —

  • wellness assessment to determine your personalized healing plan

  • ongoing email support during the duration of our working relationship 

  • in person & remote telemedicine sessions depending on your needs (Texas residents only)

What to expect from your phone consultation

During your consultation we will explore your therapeutic needs.

By the end of your call you will have clarity about how to move forward even if we choose not to work together at this time. Call lasts approximately 30 minutes. There is no fee for consultation.

bundle 1

2 to 8 sessions

5% off regular fee

Short term & intermittent care. Rejuvenate energy, mental flexibility, focus, clarity & creativity. Release deep muscular tension. Experience life recharged. First responders, therapists & caregivers — this package is especially for you. Creatives can access & maintain flow. All are welcomed to wind down, heal vicarious & emotional wounds & restore tissues to prevent trauma. Safeguard yourself & your family with daily practice.

Bundle 2

8 to 16 sessions

10% off regular fee

People wishing to address unhealthy habits, patterns or explore a relationship or experience & develop healthier patterns by drawing from their strengths. We will use skilled mental & emotional exploration with large doses of compassion to effectively & gently guide us through.

bundle 3

16 to 35 sessions

15% off regular fee

Long term therapy. Deep healing & growth is a skill much like restoring fine art is. Profound realizations ask for space to unfold. This bundle is also one that moves the slowest, runs the deepest & covers the greatest emotional & mental territory.


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