bundle (N). — a package of things wrapped together.

Therapy bundles honor the bottom up philosophy with a clear beginning & end to your process. Bundles help us stay on track for the most intelligent use of resources (time, energy & money) so you can focus all your energy where it really matters, into the process.

Your bundle can also be a blend of body oriented (trauma informed) & talk therapy sessions. Add on sessions are also available for each bundle.

Every bundle includes a detailed consultation, wellness assessment & interactive feedback with ongoing email support during the duration of our working relationship. 

During your consultation we will figure out the bundle for you. This thoughtful & informed style makes for a kind of therapy structure where freedom, choice, guidance & results come together. 

Your consultation is on me if we decide not to work together. 

Payment options are available if we do decide to.

Your questions are most often answered via email within one business day. Send away!

I am excited to offer you this style of therapy. Clients rave about their benefits & I hope you will too.

bundle 1

1 to 8 sessions

A short term or intermittent therapy. Rejuvenate energy, flexibility, focus, clarity & creativity. Release deep tension/trauma. See things —differently. Are you a professional relies on creative flow? First responders, therapists & caregivers — this is where you get cared for. All are welcomed to wind down, heal vicarious trauma & restore tissues. Help to prevent future trauma while in the field & in homes. Safeguard you & your family.

Bundle 2

8 to 16 sessions

Therapy veterans, growth seekers & people ready to target a specific new or old phase, relationship or experience. This therapy is a blend of strategies, skill exploration & mental reflection that uses large doses of compassion to effectively & specifically guide us through.

bundle 3

16 to 35 sessions

Longer term therapy. Deep healing & growth is a skill like restoring fine art is. Profound realizations need space to unfold. This lengthiest bundle is also one that moves the slowest, runs the deepest & covers the greatest emotional & mental territory.


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